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Rugs not only dress up your floors, but they also dress up the entire room. Floor coverings can change the whole look of a room by adding fun, colour, and a unique vibe. They also inspire decor selections for the rest of the room. A vivid colour in a rug could lead to delightful accent pillows and throw blankets in coordinating colours. The floor is much more than a place to rest our feet; it's a blank canvas just waiting for beautiful decor. That’s why VIVID rugs created. We carrie a delightful assortment of floor coverings to fit every theme, style, and personality. These impressive pieces are sure to enliven the floors in any home.


Traditional rugs typically draw inspiration from either Oriental and Persian patterns or European and Victorian styles. More often than not, designs take the form of floral arrangements, central medallions boasting diamond or octagonal shapes or other intricate patterns synonymous with these eras. With such stately and sophisticated connotations, the colour palette of traditional rugs is often pre-defined to reflect this. If you want to add a touch of class and sophistication, traditional rugs may be worth considering.

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Lighting up the rug world with a beautiful blend of vibrant colours and abstract design elements are those under the contemporary umbrella.

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These variations are typically influenced by modern art and architecture, and generally boast free-form elements. Although they usually incorporate bold colour choices and unusual design elements, contemporary rugs can also be very subtle and fit seamlessly with furniture and décor. They perfectly complement modern spaces, industrial lofts, modern fashionable apartments.

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Shaggy rugs typically have a deep pile. The thickness of the entire body is what makes these rugs distinct. They are manufactured from long fabric strands and are barely trimmed in order to give a shaggy look to the surface. This is how they gained eminence and their softness ensures you feel comfortable with them. They also tend to be quite durable because of their tight construction and thick pile. They can take the stress of footing, making them ideal for high traffic areas. That is why shaggy rugs are recommended for professional settings. They can ideally make for a cozy and comfortable cover with no hard or coarse surface.

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A flatweave rug is constructed without including any knots at all. Instead, the parallel running fibres that comprise the length of the rug (warp) and those that run along the width (weft) make up the whole surface of the rug. As a result, flat weaves tend to be lighter, more flexible, and reversible — since the pattern is the same on both sides of the rug. Because flat weave rugs are easy to clean and work so well in furnished areas, they’re ideal for dining room settings.

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Rugs aren’t just for indoor use. Transform your patio area into a new space that resembles an outside room. We have a range of durable rugs, perfect to add some flavour to that back porch.

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Kids Rug

Finding the perfect kids' rugs for your space requires coordinating based on both your room's needs and your child's interests. You'll want something that fulfils your practical needs while also being fun enough for your child to enjoy.
With the multitude of different sizes and styles of rugs that VIVID offers, you'll easily find something for your space that both you and your little one can agree on. And with all the pattern and colour options to choose from, you're sure to find a rug that matches well with the rest of your decor.

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There are thoundsands of other luxury rugs.

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Secure indoor and outdoor rugs using a rug pad. This additional layer between the floor and the rug prevents accidental slips. It also helps protect your hardwood flooring. A reversible rug design not only gives you two style choices but ensures the wear and tear on each side is evened out.