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Induction Cooktop Hotplate Cooker - 2000W
Induction Cooktop Hotplate Cooker - 2000W
Induction Cooktop Hotplate Cooker - 2000W

Induction Cooktop Hotplate Cooker - 2000W

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Product information:
- Model 1
- Power: 2000W
- Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
- Cord length (approx. cm): 105
- Model: 301070
- Colour: Black
- Dimensions (approx. cm): 32 x 16.5 x 39.5

- Model 2
- Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz   
- Supply Voltage: 80V-285V/50Hz   
- Power: 2000W   
- Temperature range: 60°C-240°C at +/-20degree   
- Temperature range: 240°C to 270°C at +/-30degree   
- Plate size: 27 x 27cm

Contents in Box:
- 1 × Induction Cooker   
- 1 × User Manual 

More information about product:
- Model 1
- Features a large digital display
- Convenient, fast cooking
- Lightweight & portable
- Dial & intelligent keystroke control
- Automatic battery voltage check
- Waterproof technology
- Turbine fan
- Environmentally friendly

- Model 2
- Portable Induction Single Cook-Top
- SAA safety certified
- Use it indoors or outdoors to cook delicious meals in an instant!
- Easy to read - Digital LED display
- Touch-screen controls
- 9 power levels adjustments (for Hot Pot only)
- Quick heat up and cool down lets you boil water or melt chocolate with ease
- 10 levels temperature setting (for Cake and Toast only)
- Over-heat or  High Temperature  Resistance Protection 
- Remains cool to touch - a great safety feature
- 24 hours timer and preset function
- Crystal plate size: 270 x 270 mm - gives you a larger distribution of heat
- Handy Timer up to 24  hour  with  1 minute  intervals - You can set the timer to turn your cook-top on up to 24 hours in advance
- Flat top for easy cleaning - cook in minutes and can clean up in seconds; just wipe clean!
- Compact size and lightweight
- Energy-Saver - environmentally friendly and money saving!
- Perfect for camping trips and al-fresco dining
- Please use iron pan or stainless steel pot

- Always read the “Instruction Manualâ€?carefully before using it the first time
- The induction cooker is extremely powerful and fast, due to its unique heating principle, therefore extra care should be taken when in use, especially when heating oil
- Avoid heating empty utensils or excess oil, as it will catch fire very easily!  
- Please DO NOT use the pot (that comes with the induction cooker) to stir fry. It can only be used for making soup or hot  pot. .