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External Canister Pond UV Filter - 10000L/H
Dynamic Power External Canister Pond UV Filter 10000L/H (AQ-CPF250-15)
Dynamic Power External Canister Pond UV Filter 10000L/H (AQ-CPF250-15)
Dynamic Power External Canister Pond UV Filter 10000L/H (AQ-CPF250-15)

External Canister Pond UV Filter - 10000L/H

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Product information:
- Product Dimensions : 42 x 56 x 45 cm 8.95 Kilograms

Contents in Box:
- 1 x External Canister Pond UV Filter

More information about product:
- External Canister Pond UV Filter 10000L/H AQ-CPF250-15
- This Pressurized Pond Filters with UV sterilizer is the ideal filtration system if you are looking for a multifunctional filter. It can be used in small garden ponds, barrel or container ponds. It includes a large filter media chamber which includes reusable mechanical and biological media. The compact design is easily concealed in your landscape or buried up to the lid.
- This filter has a rated flow of 10, 000L/H, which gives you plenty of filtration in order to keep your aquatic pets and plants healthy. It has an 11W UV globe so it is very effective in dealing with unwanted algae. If your pond has fish we recommend using the next larger size filter.
- The filter is very efficient because it is uses a multi-stage filtration system:
- Stage 1 - Mechanical Filtration: The water is pumped into the filter pump needs to be bought separately to create pressure necessary to start the mechanical filtration stage.
- There are three foam discs which collects various sizes of organic debris which leads the growth of large numbers of beneficial microbes and bacteria which break down harmful pollutants in the water.
- Stage 2 - Biological Filtration: In this stage, the water passes through the bio-balls at the bottom of the filter. These bio-balls are where the beneficial microbes and bacteria grow in order to process harmful toxins of ammonia and nitrites into useful nitrates to support a healthy pond environment.
- Stage 3 - UV Clarification: This stage is where the water is clarified by eliminating microscopic suspended algae in the water. When it passes through the UV lamp, these algae are killed and this makes your water crystal clear.
- High efficiency 10, 000L/H water flow gives plenty of filtration for your pond and energy saving
- Multi-Stage system allows biological, mechanical and UV filtration so the water quality of your pond is excellent
- UV-C light kills algae blooms, disease and bacteria to it helps keep your aquatic pets and plants healthy
- Shell is made of quality ABS, which makes this filter strong and durable, easy to set up and maintain
- Easy back flush cleaning cuts time effort for filter maintenance