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1 Pair Fire Heat Resistant Glove Long Sleeve
1 Pair Fire Heat Resistant Glove Long Sleeve

1 Pair Fire Heat Resistant Glove Long Sleeve

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Product information:
- Colour:Black-Gray
- Item dimensions L x W x H:40.6 x 17.8 x 1.5 centimetres
- Fill material:Cotton
- Size : One-Size-Fits-Most

Contents in Box:
- 1 x Pair Gloves

More information about product:
- 1 Pair Upgraded Leather Forge Welding Gloves -Fire Heat Resistant Glove Long Sleeve 16 Inch
- Welding by tig welder / mig welder
- Grilling steaks and meats on the BBQ
- Baking by oven / microwave
- Building a campfire / stove / fireplace
- Vooking by dutch oven / cast iron pan / skillet
- Training your love pets
- Doing heavy duty work in your garden
- Designed to protect you from fingertip to forearm, the heat and flame resistant leather with double layer palms means you
- Can pick up hot coals, logs, or tools without putting your skin in danger. Easily managing countless grilling and cooking
- Scenarios, all the while keeping your hands safe. So it s the best choice for you.
- Perfect for:Barbecue, Grill, Oven, Baking, Microwave, Welding, Stove, Fireplace, Welding, Gardening, Training pets.
- Upgraded Version - Extreme Heat Resistance at 932 F 500 Better Than Silicon Gloves - The inside of Grill Gloves features a 100 soft insulated cotton lining with high-tech heat-resistant aluminum foil for advanced heat and cold resistance, ideal for barbecue, meats smoking, oven and welding.
- Durable and Flexible Leather Grill Gloves are made from 1.2mm thick and soft shoulder split natural cowhide leather which is heat resistant, flame retardant, puncture resistant, cut resistant and oil resistant. Perfect for grilling and BBQ.
- Fire/Heat Protection for your hands and forerams - The 16 inches welding gloves with extra long 7.5 inches sleeve protects you from grinding debris, hot coals, open flames, welding sparks, hot kitchen ware and hot steam from cooking, puncture from sharp objects.
- Protect our environment, Use glvoes aw materials and processing of these gloves are up to European environmental standards, whether working at kitchen, garden, backyard or outside, it s kindly for people and our earth.

- These gloves are not meant for prolonged direct contact to a hot grill grate or hot metal cookware for a long time.
- Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Hang to dry. Do not machine wash or dry.