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Animal Deterrent Strips 2 Pack Cats Dogs Possum
Animal Deterrent Strips 2 Pack Cats Dogs Possum

Animal Deterrent Strips 2 Pack Cats Dogs Possum

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Product information:
- Material: plastic
- Color: Black
- Size: total length * total width: about 48 * 13.5cm; thorn height: 2.7cm
- Set: 2

Contents in Box:
- 2 × Animal Deterrent Strips

More information about product:
- Animal Deterrent Strips are the perfect way to stop the annoyance of cats, dogs, and rabbits from digging or making a mess on your property.
- Time is up for those pesky animals that want to destroy your garden because we have the perfect solution for you!
- Use the Animal Deterrent Strips outdoors to gently deter pests/pets from digging in your garden and damaging those gorgeous plants you’ve worked so hard on, jumping up onto your car and scratching the paint, you can also wrap them around a tree or pole to stop animals from climbing.
- Use the strips indoors to keep cats and other pets away from countertops, chairs, sofas and beds and other furniture.
- Made from high-quality, eco-friendly and non-toxic plastic that is durable and long-lasting even outdoors with spikes that will keep pests away but does not harm them or your animals.
- Easy to Install:The prickle strips are designed to be buried just below the surface either with a sprinkling of topsoil or mulch so is pretty much invisible. The spikes are sharp enough to repel cats and other animals from walking over them but not so hard that they would do any harm to their paws.
- Place the flexible strips around any area you want to protect from pests including trees and shrubs, flower beds or potted plants. To provide protection for a larger area you simply need to connect a number of prickle strips together using the interlocking system or you can easily cut the strips to any size you need.
- Weather Resistant and Durable:They are manufactured from high quality eco-friendly non-toxic materials, which is the perfect chemical-free deterrent that is weatherproof and can be used outdoors all year round. They will protect your garden for years to come without spoiling the view.

How to keep cats away:
- Even here at Pestrol, we all love animals, however, we don’t love pets or wild animals that dig up our gardens or even just jump into our pot plants and do their business. Before we released this product we use to suggest bird spikes. The bird spikes look a little out of place despite working well. So now our new range of plastic prevention strips work well to keep cats away and are not unsightly.