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Self Wringing Flat Mop Hands-Free Microfiber Mop Spray
Self Wringing Flat Mop Hands-Free Microfiber Mop Spray

Self Wringing Flat Mop Hands-Free Microfiber Mop Spray

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Product information:
- Colour: Mop Padx4

Contents in Box:
- 1 x Floor mop
- 2 x Microfiber Mop Pads

More information about product:
- Hands-Free Self-Wringing No need to worry about wet hands and dirty water With its self-wringing system, you can wring the water and dirt immediately, without touching the mop pad, just simply sliding the bar upwards and downwards The improved self-wringing system of this floor mop assure that squeezing the dirt out from the map pod easily and fast, completing washing and drying at the same time, then you gain efficiency without the hassle.
- Precise Water Spray System and Spin Mop Head Squeeze handle in the top, the powerful precompression spray mechanism allows to spray 13ml liquid per time to prevent leaving extra water stains. Moreover, our flexible 360 swivel head, freely in all directions, making it easy to reach under sofa, heavy furniture and more narrow space, free you from the headache of cleaning trouble and save unnecessary time.
- 2 Free Replacement Microfiber Mop Pads The selected mop pad braided with microfiber fibre assure efficient water absorption, the end of the hook-shaped fiber can catch minimal dust and debris, actually deep cleaning your whole house. One pack contains two microfiber mop pads for your replacement, which are soft, water-absorbing, durable and reusable. Prolong the service life of the mop and save you money.
- Superior product design With the aluminum alloy and humanized design handle, the floor mop is very durable and comfortable. The matte sliding bar make sure the non-slip effect while squeezing the water. The reusable microfiber pad is harmless to floor, which can go for all floor types, such as Hardwood, Laminate Wood, Ceramic Tiles and etc. Ergonomic handgrip control and rod length, you can use the dust mop in a standing posture without bending your waist.
- Convenient storage When the microfiber mop is below 30 degrees from the ground, the mop base would rebound automatically. You can slide the bar downwards to the bottom, the floor mop can stand upright without leaning against the wall or you can hang the mop for saving storage space. Keep it dry to prevent bacterial growth.
- There are some details to tell why you need a mop combines with water spray system and hands-free self-Wringing design:
- Multifunctional Mop:Suitable for floors, glasses windows: Imagine having one tool that does all of floor mopping, window cleaning glass wiping
- 360 Degree Swing, freely in all directions for cleaning
- Spray mist, not extra water stain
- Replaceable and machine-washable microfiber mop pad, save your money
- Wet and Dry Cleaning, save your time
- Refillable Spray Bottle, no need to install:
- The refillable bottle allows you to choose the best cleaning solution for your needs. Try environmentally friendly cleaning with lemon or essential oils in water, or some disinfectant to sterilize, no need to install the bottle with strength, just open the cover in the handle place.

How to install the floor mop:
- 1.Please press the two button to connect all the three stick handles together
- 2.Place the Mirofiber Cleaning Pad onto the Mop Base.